Solution Development 2.0 - Provision and Roll-out of Solution Packages with So...

Title Solution Development 2.0 - Provision and Roll-out of Solution Packages with Social Networking
Authors Johannes Müller, Yannick Bietenholz, Michel Griga, José Martin Gallardo, Thomas Niessen, Peter Stiphout
Type Scientific Conference Paper
Abstract Security Solutions (SES) is a globally acting business unit within the Siemens' division Building Technologies. A part of the headquarters' activities is the development and provision of solution packages for the regional sales organizations. In the past, this was a very centralist process with limited or none participation and feedback of staff coming from regional organizations. To improve this situation, we introduced an interactive and fully transparent process motivating regional colleagues to directly participate during all process stages (requirement collection, technical development, global roll-out, solution lifecycle). We identified relevant experts and grouped them in a 'SES Solutions Community', which is networked not only by personal meetings, but also by several Web 2.0 instruments.
Reference In K. Hinkelmann, H. Wache (editors): Proceedings of the WM2009 - 5th Conference on Professional Knowledge Management (Solothurn, Switzerland, March 2009), Gesellschaft für Informatik, GI-Edition, ISBN 978-3-88579-239-0, pp. 87-96
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Publication March 2009
Language English
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